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Single Source Staffing

Single Source Staffing

Let Us Provide All of Your Healthcare Staffing Solutions
AHR's SingleSource Managed Services Program will help you optimize every dollar spent on your an established flex pool labor for your specific healthcare staffing needs. Our program focuses on combining superior services with leading edge technology to streamline workflow and optimize your staffing process. Our model has received national recognition from the top respected medical agencies in the country and is currently used at many leading healthcare facilities around the southeast.

One Company, Many Solutions
SingleSource is a complete solution that will create operational efficiencies while reducing the accounting complexities for better tracking of overall temporary staffing expenditures. Our business model incorporates proven best practices that:

  • Improve overall patient care
  • Offer a complete SingleSource solution with local delivery and local accountability
  • Minimize the hours that supervisors spend on staffing
  • Provide temporary staff that better mirrors the quality and skill level of internal staff
  • Improve fill rate with positive results in financial outcomes
  • Over time, this approach will reduce the need for outsourcing of temporary staffing needs

AHR's SingleSource provides a partnership in many key areas:

Operations Partner Reducing vacancies and identifying & implementing process improvements.
Risk Management Partner Ensuring proper licensures, certifications and insurance coverage for all contract staffing partners including subcontractors and contract employees.
Administrative Partner Managing multiple staffing Source with one point of contact, one consolidated invoice and customized management reporting.
Economic Partner Managing the contract staffing spend to manage overall hard and soft costs