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Healthcare Recruitment Process

Our vast recruitment teams encompassed in three dynamic divisions provide the most diverse and comprehensive medical staffing options in the industry today. These incredible resources have set us apart as a "One-of-a-Kind" type of staffing organization. We have established the "Gold Standard" of recruiting and staffing solutions by offering services to place full or part-time physicians, nursing of all disciplines and many other medical staffing options.

Another category that differentiates us is in our extensive recruitment services. The Alabama office is comprised of committed recruitment staff, several of which have been employed in this industry for over 20 years. The dedicated and experienced product coordinators work hand-in-hand with facility coordinators and managers to facilitate this important process of introducing their qualified healthcare professionals. In addition, we have a sophisticated system that categorizes our current nurse pool so that we can anticipate needs before they occur. This system ensures that we have candidates in the process of becoming eligible for hire before they need arises. We are able to react and fill “hard to fill” shifts much quicker so that your patients can continue to enjoy the best quality healthcare.

Doctor Hiring

Range and Scope of Recruitment Services

Unlike traditional healthcare employees, AHR employs continuous recruitment pipeline programs. Our programs define an ultimate supplemental staffing and quality management process. We do this because the company is not trying to fill a set number of FTE’s. Instead, it is our mission to source a constant stream of new applicants to meet the ever-changing needs of our many clients.

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Recruiting for flexible staffing assignments requires different methods and mindset. With decades of experience, AHR is skilled in this process and has incorporated techniques that have secured that our pipeline has individuals at various stages of potential employment. AHR will employ incentives such as higher pay, better benefits, and a loyalty program, which will help deter exiting nurses. This is an important part of AHR’s strategy of retention and has a proven track record since 1984.

Doctor and Nurses

We use a variety of methods which include

  • Direct Mail - This medium is highly effective for the company because it utilizes high impact oversized postcards that emphasize the advantages of choosing to work with AHR.
  • Newspaper/ Trade Journals - These publications are used for immediate or quickly changing recruiting needs and reach nearly 2 million healthcare professionals. We spend wisely in local trade journals to streamline our process of attracting local professionals for the needs that we presently have.
  • Internet - Our website also communicates open needs so that our nurses can check back regularly or when they might want to return from a travel assignment. Social Networks- We employ such tools as Linked In to find qualified professionals interested in staffing specific specialties.
  • Word of Mouth - As we implement the improved insurance benefits with low deductibles for our nurses, word will spread quickly. There have been many nurses in the industry that have left some facilities to go to other hospitals or facilities because of the lack of such benefits and “word of mouth” will bring them back, assist in recruitment, and more importantly keep them from leaving.
  • Broadcast Calls - Using a sophisticated software program, AHR is able to deliver a customized automated message to prospective candidates, active employees, and to our inactive nurse’s database informing them of assignment opportunities.
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