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One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our unparalleled credentialing system which allows us to hire the BEST healthcare professionals in the business! The supplemental staffing industry usually consists of one extreme or the other in regards to the quality of healthcare professionals that they hire. If a facility or group has to maintain high standards within their organization, then they must choose a provider that is also meeting those same requirements. We are committed to providing a superior level of service that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. In addition, our guidelines meet JCAHO standards which include checklists for license and certifications, registrations, reference verifications, qualifications, educational backgrounds and additional nurse testing that is the industry’s “Gold Standard”. All current employees are to have all licenses at the time of renewal. We also employ the latest techniques to process local, state and federal background checks at the time of hire. We have a very strict drug policy and require all applicants to provide a drug test before consideration for hire. Random drug checks can also be requested of AHR employees at any time. Depending on the professional and/or discipline, field employees are required to maintain certifications. AHR requires a copy of the certification and verifies them when required. We employ a system that notifies us of upcoming expirations of all documents related to our nurse’s application at regular intervals. We have a “touch” system of reaching out to the nurse via phone call, email and letter to notify them so they can stay current in our system and continue to work without any interruptions. Our extensive process leaves us with nurses that have chosen to work through AHR because they are good enough to have many choices. Working with AHR gives them the flexibility that they desire and because they are of such great quality, they can usually set their own schedules. This leaves our clients with nurses that are very satisfied with their work situations which will reflect in their work.

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