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The AHR philosophy is to “provide an exceptional partnership experience”!

AHR utilizes, strong proprietary technology platforms to support your business with an “all in one” software package that takes availability, fills shifts, handles payroll and bills clients. More importantly, this software monitors all documentation and tracks re-certifications and timelines for updated licenses and other documents that are required to keep our employees working without any interruptions. Our established relationships with over 20 clients and affiliate providers gives us a built-in float pool. By using world-class credentialing and quality management systems, staffing becomes more predictable. We provide a consistent level of quality and service with familiar employees that have over 20 years of experience working to staff for our partners.



AHR requires all applicants to be licensed in more than one state and verifies validity as part of the application process.

Background Checks

AHR employs the latest techniques to process local, state and federal background checks at the time of hire. We have a policy for actions to be taken for any and all applicants that have any negative information on their background check.

Related Certifications

Depending on the professional and/or discipline, applicants are required to maintain certain minimum certifications. AHR requires a copy of all certifications and verifies them when required. This is done at the time of application and at renewals. We employ a system that notifies us of upcoming expirations of all documents related to our applications at regular intervals. We have a “touch” system of reaching out to employees via phone call, email and letter to notify them so they can stay current in our system and continue to work without any interruptions.

A Proven Track Record

Since 1984, AHR staff has been placing medical professionals all across the southeast. We understand your needs so we make sure to have the options that you are looking for – options that include “temp to perm” placement with NO fees! Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, we offer you the best opportunities available along with 24/7 support. When we claim to be different to make a difference, we mean it.

A Regional Leader in Healthcare Staffing

We are one of the largest staffing firms in the southeast and one of the only firms to specialize in the recruitment of full-time and part-time physicians, locum tenens physicians and nurse staffing on a temp-to perm basis. This allows achieving your level of expected service so we only present healthcare professionals that are right for you and meet the highest of standards. Credentialing, background checks, drug testing, verifiable resume experience with behavioral interviewing techniques, nursetesting.com exams (with a 90% score or better), and all licensing verifications are just a few of the services that AHR guarantees our partners.

Performance and/or Behavior Issues

All performance and behavioral issues reported to us by our clients are given top priority, investigated and addressed immediately. Formal procedures have been developed when a problem cannot be settled informally. Reports of incompetence, negligent behavior or misconduct detrimental to or endangering patient safety will result in the suspension of an individual for the duration of the investigation. Should results of the investigation validate the claim, AHR will report the individual to the appropriate agency if the incident is of a reportable nature.

Doctor Taking Notes

A Complaint Report will be given to the Branch Manager and Operations Manager and a binder is kept current in our Corporate Office for review and further investigation if warranted. The process is streamlined as follows:

  • During the investigation process, feedback will be sought from all parties involved and a written response will be given to the concerned parties
  • Healthcare practitioners must be consulted on complaints of a clinical nature
  • Counseling of Remediation may be indicated in order for the practitioner to continue employment
  • Counseling (i.e. discussion of actions, and/or behavior that led to the perception of an actual or perceived wrongdoing) will occur in all cases
  • Counseling Statement Form will be filled out in all cases
  • Remediation (in-services, CEUs)
  • Terminate the individual and report to the appropriate agency should the investigation validate the incident and that it is of a reportable nature
  • Client-Specific Requirements:
  • AHR can incorporate all client specific requests and our on-site action plan will assist in manners that have not been offered in the past.
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