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AHR's goal is to be the leading provider of quality healthcare recruitment services and to be recognized for our uncompromising dedication to quality healthcare through the most comprehensive and professional practices. We strive to be the industry leader when it comes to creativity, innovation and professionalism. We establish business partnerships with our clients and personal relationships with our recruits to ensure that we are providing the best quality healthcare professionals. We also care about our employee's health and encourage all of our healthcare professionals to enter the "Celebrate Life" Wellness Program. A lot of companies use the same words, but we utilize innovative strategies, and incentives while focusing on the hot topics that challenge the industry. This is what makes us unique.

AHR Quality
  • At AHR, we understand retention is an area of concern for many healthcare facilities. Our investigation into the present staffing community has revealed that physicians and nurses are leaving for increased pay, better security, and overall better benefits. We address all three issues in a way that makes us different by offering great pay rates that are above national averages that reward our healthcare professionals appropriately. We also offer the option for a very flexible schedule that allows our healthcare professionals to work as much or as little as they desire. Consistency in our scheduling also allows a great "change of lifestyle" option that you can count on. We have a long legacy in the healthcare industry with unmatched security and options that comes from working for the 2nd largest urgent provider in the US.
  • Based on our market research, many healthcare providers have not experienced a pay increase in over 5 years. AHR has established bonus and incentive plans based on length and quality of service. We will implement these plans on "day one" to give you the security and stability you desire. We also tap into our best resource to find other healthcare professionals‚Ķ..our currently working healthcare professionals! Our Recruit, Reward, Retain program keeps our cycle of great candidates working and rewarded for their work and referrals.
  • We reward loyalty through incentives. Incentives work!!! AHR has programs in place that allow us to pay individuals that refer other nurses. This is an incredibly effective way to increase our talent pool!

Quality, Dependability, Timeliness, Communication and Great Attitudes outline the customer perception that we have worked so hard to establish. AHR is the most comprehensive staffing company in the US and we set the "gold standard" in how we go about our business. We live by the motto "Difference to Make a Difference" and the only way to accomplish that is to have a motivated staff that truly cares about patient outcomes. We hire the best to recruit the best to provide the best healthcare service!

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