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The Vital Circle and Circle of Excellence awards are representative of individuals achieving greatness in 4 major categories: Production, Attitude, Integrity, and Determination. They P.A.I.D. the price to excel, resulting in experiencing exceptional achievement.

Patti Holt
Patti Holt - Vital Circle Winner, 2014
Vice President of Physician Recruitment

The Vital Circle Winner is the top award given out by the American Healthcare Resources. The Vital Circle award represents an individual who is vital to the overall success of the entire team indicating the exceptional value they bring through accomplishments in the 4 various categories. Patti demonstrated the Type of professionalism and achievement in every category that you hope every team member strives to achieve.

Featured Physician: Dr. Jeffery Kele Sewell

Dr Jeffery Sewell
Dr. Jeffery Kele Sewell

Dr. Jeffery Kele Sewell has had many hats. Not only is he a Family Practice Physician for one of the new AFC Montgomery clinics, but he has also been a Pharmacist and continues to publish novels. His latest novel is co-authored with Dr. Neil Shulman, DOC HOLLYWOOD author and producer. The title is ROBIN HOOD, M.D...

Dr. Sewell describes himself as a 'blue-collar guy who just happens to be a Doctor." He says, "Yes, it is an important job, but many folks have important jobs as well. "

Dr. Sewell is married and has two girls in college and one boy in 4th grade.

Highlight Nurse: Wanda Jenkins

Wanda Jenkins

Wanda has over 4 years experience in the "Celebrate Life" Wellness Program at AHR Medical Contractors. She has over 15 years experience as a RN working in over 6 different hospitals and facilities for AHR during the last 6 years.

Wanda entered the "Celebrate Life" Wellness Program on day one and has never looked back. She has lost over 32 pounds while decreasing her cholesterol numbers into the green healthy range. Her heart rate went from 73 to 51 during her second year in the program and she entered an exercise program during her third year when she claims to have hit her stride. "I can never thank the folks at AHR enough for helping me be aware of the health risks that I had at the time the program was introduced. I needed the encouragement and a plan and I’ve never felt better in my life. I have made a life change and plan to encourage everyone in my family to do the same".

Wanda enjoys tennis and loves football season! She has one daughter and resides in Birmingham. Recently Lawanda saw a weight shift and has gained almost 20 pounds….but this was acceptable because she is expecting her second daughter! Congratulations Lawanda!

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