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Patti Holt, Vice President of Physician Recruitment

Patti Holt joined American Healthcare Resources in 2014 as the Physician Recruiter for AFC’s Birmingham market. Patti is a seasoned Healthcare Recruiter with 17+ years of experience in employee relations and retention. Patti was previously a manager of a top, nationally-ranked Healthcare Agency. During that time, she was recognized as an industry leader in developing and maintaining strategic innovative systems to enhance new business development and advancement. Patti received a Distinguished Honor for "Outstanding Service" in the field of Human Services and Medical Forensics.

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Debbie Whittington, Staffing Coordinator and Locum Physician Recruitment Assistant

Debbie has over 15 years' experience in the staffing industry. She presently works as the Staffing and Recruitment Coordinator for AHR. This Birmingham native which provides her with great insight when it comes to providing nurses for the State of Alabama and the Birmingham City contracts -- to which AHR is the sole provider. Debbie has held these responsibilities for the last 10 years (previously with Trinity Medical Contractors and now with AHR) and is a vital reason why AHR values the knowledge that comes with her experience. Her genuine smile and infectious laugh is what everyone loves about Debbie the most.

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Sandy Quinn, Payroll Coordinator and Full-time Physician Recruitment Assistant

Sandy has been in the staffing industry since 2005 and has held various roles in the physician and nurse staffing world. Sandy functioned as the on-call Staffing Supervisor for Trinity Medical Contractors, managing the 24/7 operation staff and providing services related to any staffing needs. With the creation of AHR in January 2014, Sandy accepted a new position and functions as AHR's Payroll and Physician Recruitment Coordinator. In addition to processing all aspects of weekly payroll for over 300 physicians and nurses, Sandy supports our Physician Recruitment team in all aspects of the onboarding process, all the while being an extremely dedicated and hands-on mom to two very active kids.

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